The Commission Process

To commission a piece of furniture is to engage in an exciting and rewarding process that converts your idea into an heirloom quality creation, both beautiful and functional, but also unique and in marked contrast to the disposable and mass-produced products so common today.

Typically we will have an initial meeting at which we can discuss your ideas including, for example, the furniture’s purpose and any preferences you may have for style, timber types, and your budget.  I will then produce sketches, and in some instances a scale model, and we will use these to further refine your requirements. You may have a clear vision for what you want. Equally, you may not be so clear; if so, don’t worry, I will advise and guide you.  This is an iterative process the purpose of which is to create a design that is genuinely personalized to your requirements.

The results of our discussions will be captured in the full design proposal which will also include an indicative costing and a timescale for completion of the project (typically 4-6 months depending on the piece’s complexity).  An initial payment of a 40% deposit will enable me to source and prepare the timbers and begin the making process.

It may be prudent to fix one or two production milestones, possibly with further payment increments, and you will be welcome to visit the workshop to see progress.  Final payment will be on delivery of the finished piece to your home.  At this time, as well as briefing you on how best to care for your furniture, I will give you a portfolio containing sketches, drawings and plans.