Objets D'Art and Smaller Items

A selection of small mirrors, each made from solid hardwood, with inlays and mitre keys in contrasting timbers
The dimensions of each mirror are: 335mm x 335mm x 22mm
Fixed to the rear of each mirror is a length of picture wire of the required strength to hang the mirror safely

Small mirror in Walnut, with Maple mitre keys and Swiss Pear and Box inlaid stringing

Mirror Walnut 1.JPG
Mirror Walnut 2.JPG
Mirror Maple 1.JPG

Small mirror in Maple, with Bubinga inlay and Walnut mitre keys

Mirror Ash 1.JPG
Mirror Ash 2.JPG

Small mirror in Rippled Ash, with Swiss Pear inlaid stringing and Walnut mitre keys

The mitre keys have both a functional and aesthetic purpose: they strengthen the mitred joint and they enhance the beauty of the mirror frame

The rippled grain in the Ash makes this mirror frame very distinctive

Pedestal for a Bronze Bust of Major John Waddy, sculpted by Vivien Mallock
Pedestal 2.JPG
Pedestal 5.JPG

I was commissioned to make this pedestal by Vivien Mallock.  She had sculpted a bronze bust of Major John Waddy, an Army Officer who served during WWII, notably during the Arnhem battle, and the pedestal was to support the bronze bust. The bronze, mounted on the pedestal, is now displayed in the Museum at Arnhem

The pedestal is made out of American Black Walnut. In its construction I have used traditional cross-halving joints and mortice and tenon joints. The tenons are 'through' tenons and I have reinforced them with wedges in Maple. The pale Maple contrasts with the darker Walnut and the wedges reinforce the joints

Pedestal 3.JPG