Work in Progress

Tray Veneers 1.JPG

Veneered tray - veneers cut and laid out ready for application

Hall Table in Maple - Quilted Maple veneers laid out ready for joining together

Homemade Brass Top Holddowns.JPG
Veneers laid out.JPG
Hall Table Stringing Work.jpg
Hall Table 1.JPG
Stringing 3.JPG

Home-made brass hold-downs

Cutting lengths of Swiss Pear stringing for inlaying work

Inlaying the Swiss Pear stringing

Inlaying work nearing completion

Stool Frame Components.JPG
Stool Seats.JPG

Stool seats - Elm, Oak, and Cherry

Stool frame components - Rippled Ash

Chess Board 1.JPG
Chess Board 2.JPG

Parquetry work - cutting and joining veneers (Rosewood and Maple) to make a traditional chess board

Small Table in Clamps.JPG

Small table undergoing construction

Chess Board 3.JPG

The chess board completed and ready to be mounted onto a substrate to give it weight and rigidity

Parquetry 2.JPG

More parquetry - this time creating a backgammon board using Zebrano and Sapele veneers which provide a nice contrast

Marquetry: These images of chess pieces were created for incorporation in the games table shown on the 'Games Tables' page in the Gallery

Parquetry 1.JPG
Marquetry 1.JPG
Mallets and Veneer Hammer.JPG

Self-made tools: winding sticks, a carver's mallet and a veneer hammer

Pedestal 6.JPG

Here Maple wedges have been inserted into slots cut in the ends of the through tenons which are the principal joint on this pedestal. They will be cut flush to the end of the tenon

Table 8.JPG

Here the top surface of an Oak dining table is planed to ensure that the two semi-circular outer leaves are flush with the butterfly extension leaf in the middle

Chess Table 1.JPG

Lapped dovetails are being cut in Walnut drawer fronts. The drawers are being made for a Walnut chess table

Chess Table 2.JPG
Chess Table 4.JPG

One of the drawers being test fitted