Child's High Chair in Ash and Rippled Ash
High Chair 1.JPG

This high chair was designed for a three and a half year old boy called Arthur. It was deliberately designed to be 'throne-like' in appearance. He seems to like eating his lunch whilst sitting on King Arthur's throne!

High Chair 2.JPG
High Chair 3.JPG

The splats at the back of the chair have all been curved in two directions to provide some lumber support. These curves were achieved by steam-bending the individual Ash pieces.

The chair has a foot step on the front stretcher to help a small person climbing up and getting down.

The 'Leaf and Berry' Stool

The 'Leaf and Berry' stool has a frame made of Ash and a seat made of a contrasting hardwood.  It is traditionally constructed with mortice and tenon joints, each of which is also reinforced with a hardwood dowel.  

Stool Walnut Seat.JPG
Stool Oak Seat.JPG
Stool Elm Seat.JPG
Stool Cherry Seat.JPG

'Leaf and Berry' stool: Ash frame with American Black Walnut seat

'Leaf and Berry' stool: Rippled Ash frame with Oak seat

'Leaf and Berry' stool: Rippled Ash frame with Elm seat

The stools are comfortable and hard-wearing

'Leaf and Berry' stool: Rippled Ash frame with Cherry seat

'Leaf and Berry' stool dimensions:

Height: 645mm

Width: 380mm

Depth: 300mm