Occasional Tables

Small table in Maple, with Walnut drawer front
Hall Table in Maple, with a Quilted Maple and Rippled Maple top and Swiss Pear inlaid stringing
Bird's Eye Maple and Walnut table
Maple and Walnut Small Table Drawer Open

This table has been made using traditional techniques.  The side and back aprons have an inlaid string of American Black Walnut.  The table top is solid Bird's Eye Maple, with an ogee moulded edge to create an impression of lightness.  The drawer front is in American Black Walnut, with a hand-turned drawer pull made from Maple.

Maple and Walnut Small Table Drawer Open

The drawer is of traditional dovetailed construction.

Table Dimensions: 

Height: 400mm

Width: 440mm

Depth: 407mm

Hall Table Quilted Maple 6.jpg

This hall table was designed to be tall and elegant, whilst staying slender enough to fit comfortably into the hallway of a modern home. Its three drawers are capacious but unobtrusive. Its top, although delicate in appearance, is actually very hard-wearing.

Table Dimensions:

Height: 900mm

Width: 1140mm

Depth: 420mm

The table is shown here, exhibited at the Celebration of Craftsmanship and Design (CCD), at Cheltenham in 2019

Hall Table at CCD 2019 2.JPG

Large Drawer Dimensions:

Height: 60mm

Width: 450mm

Depth: 310mm

Small Drawer Dimensions:

Height: 60mm

Width: 235mm

Depth: 297mm

Hall Table Quilted Maple 3.jpg

The table is of traditional construction. The drawer fronts are in Maple, their sides are in English Oak, and their bases in Cedar of Lebanon which is delicately scented. Cedar is traditionally used in drawer construction because of its moth-repellent qualities.

Semi-Elliptical Table in Oak
Semi Elliptical Table Final.JPG

This table is made of English Oak.  The legs have a modest taper and the curved apron was made of 12 plies of Oak laminated under pressure to create the table's semi-elliptical shape. The curved apron is edged with Swiss Pear stringing.

Semi Elliptical Table 5.JPG

The top is made of two pieces of solid English Oak. edge-jointed to make the most of their beautiful grain.


Height: 800mm

Width: 780mm

Depth: 410mm

Semi Elliptical Table 3.JPG

The vertical curved section on the back edge of the table top complements the horizontal curve of the table top but also ensures that the table can be positioned up against a wall, whilst keeping the feet clear of the skirting board.