Games Tables

Games Table in Golden Wenge, with Chess Board top, Draughts Board (Chequers Board), and Backgammon Board.
Pedestal 8.JPG

As can be seen, this games table comprises a games box which sits on a pedestal. If so desired, the games box can be lifted off the pedestal and placed on another surface, or players can sit with the chess, draughts or backgammon board on their laps to play.

This Games Table is hand-made using traditional cabinet making techniques. The sides are dovetail jointed. The drawer is dovetail jointed, with drawer slips to ensure smooth running.


The pedestal and box are finished with Danish Oil to really emphasise the beautiful grain in the Golden Wenge timber. The chess board top, the backgammon table, and the dice throwing well, are all finished with hard wearing satin varnish. This Games table will withstand decades of use!

Pedestal 12.JPG

The pedestal is intended to have a modest Arts and Crafts character, with chamfers on the four uprights and wedged tenons on the horizontal stretchers

Pedestal 9.JPG
Games Box 8.JPG

Here the games box is shown separated from its pedestal and with chess pieces and draughtsmen set out ready to play.

The chess and draughts boards, and the backgammon board, have all been hand-made using traditional parquetry techniques and beautiful veneers

Games Box 5.JPG

Lifting the chess board off reveals the backgammon board underneath.  This can also be lifted out for play

Games Box 13.JPG
Games Box 11.JPG
Games Box 10.JPG

Lifting out the backgammon board reveals a well in which dice can be thrown.  The Chess piece Rook is hand-made marquetry work

The drawer base is also hand-made marquetry, this time a chess piece Knight

Games Box 14.JPG
Games Box 2.JPG

The chess theme is continued in the drawer pull. This represents a chess piece Rook and is hand-turned out of Lacewood

Games Box 1.JPG

The drawer is large enough to hold chess pieces, draughtsmen, backgammon stones, notepads, pencils etc