Furniture Making and Woodworking Short Courses

Starting in early 2022, I shall be running courses, both for beginners, and for those with more experience.  If you're a complete novice, or you have just a few basic skills and you'd like to learn more, why not sign up to do the Furniture Making Beginners' Course?  If you have more experience and confidence with woodworking tools, why not develop your skills further by doing the Furniture Making Experienced Course in which you will make an ornate and stylish Veneered Box?

You can do a course either in a single five day week or over three successive weekends.  All tools and materials will be provided - or you can bring your own - and, because student numbers will be small, you will benefit from close supervision and guidance throughout. You will learn in a comfortable, spacious, and well-equipped workshop. The Workshop, which is in the beautiful Hampshire countryside, is set amongst a range of other studios in which talented artists and crafts people are working. You will be learning in an inspiring setting!

Course details, dates, and how to apply are in the attached documents:

Beginner and Experienced Course Dates for 2022

Beginner Course Details and How to Apply

Experienced Course Details and How to Apply